Treasured Memory – The Story of How I Died

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I was born in a Christian family so every conversation or topic about God was mediocre to me. We go to church every Sundays and I get to memorize a verse each week to claim a prize the following mass/service; that was all religion to me– You do good so you won’t spend your life after death in the “lake of fire” aka hell.


Drive of Pain

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“Have Courage and Be Kind.”

It was year 2014 when my world  collapsed  in front of my eyes. 

It was when I died.

I am a happy go lucky person and a carefree sense type of a girl. I don’t care so much on the things around me. I don’t care about what others think about me. I don’t overthink the things I know I shouldn’t but only in a flick of a finger, it all changed.

How to Overcome?

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“To have failed is to have striven, to have striven is to have grown.”

― Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Strong. Brave. Successful. Optimist. Powerful.  I never considered myself as these. I experienced waking up in 3 am, breaking down, crying myself to sleep because of the things people around me would never understand. I experienced  hiding in the bathroom, crying to myself so that no one will hear my wail. I experienced the ache of suppressing my tears in order to act normal in front of the people who hurt me. I experienced it all and I know, you do too.


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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved swimming. My mother once told me that in just a-couple-of-months old, they can already leave me alone in the pool because I’ve already learned to swim in such a young age. They would compare me to a mermaid since there’s not a week before that I would spend without visiting the pool.