Not Like The Movies

“I’m an average dreamer.

I’m a true escapist.

Always expecting a happy ending.”


I’m not really fond of KC Concepcion, but there was a time in my childhood, by fourth grade if I still remember it correctly, when she started to join the industry of artists here in the Philippines. During the same era, I’ve heard of this song that really captured my attention. How can I not know this song, when the salon nearby our house plays it everyday? (I’m not knowledgeable if the owner of the sad salon was heartbroken or not.)

I was still in fourth grade back then, and until now I am sure that the kind of love depicted in the song is not really one I would entirely understand that time. But given that I’m a bookworm, I had an inkling of what the songwriter was talking about. How reality isn’t like a movie. How there’s no “pathway full of roses, leading to a sunset view, where the one you’ve always dreamed of waits”, because a scene like that “only lives in fiction”.

And now that I’m older, I’m telling you, I now understand the song. Life, and love, isn’t really as accurate as what movies present. There’s really no pathway of roses that serves as a road to meet “The One”.

I just learned that it was KC Concepcion who sang the said song yesterday, when I searched it on the internet because the song suddenly played in my mind and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s entitled “Not Like The Movies”. Although the lyrics were quite limited, I like it very much. It’s a nice song to listen to, even if you’re not heartbroken at the moment. (I’m listening to it too, even if I’m not heartbroken. :)) Life and love may not be like how they are shown in the movies, but at least we are aware of that fact.

Here’s the video if you’re interested in hearing the song for yourself

-Bernmina Tarnate



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