mel·lif·lu·ous (məˈliflo͞oəs/) 

-(of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.


Music is something very close to me. I am not a professional musician, but I am really an enthusiast when it comes to musical instruments, which is my one of my main hobbies besides other past-time doings.

My dad plays guitar and he usually does it back when I was in elementary. Seeing him strum the chords inspired me to learn how to play the guitar, which started my interest not only in instruments, but in music.

It was difficult at first to learn, since my fingers were small in doing some of the guitar chords and I need to constantly teach myself through video tutorials in YouTube because dad was working. After few years of practicing, I can say that I am no longer a beginner and learning more advanced ways of guitar-playing.

After having a couple of “acoustic lessons” with myself, I started having interest in other musical instruments such as cajon and piano. When I started playing piano, I was very inconsistent in learning how to play it since only my grandmother owns a piano in the family, and I can only practice whenever we pay her a visit at her house.

Learning cajon was a different story, where I only learn whenever a classmate of mine would bring the instrument at school. Somehow, I was able to learn how to create beats and rhythms even though I was self-taught and there were only a few times when someone would bring it. Cajon is now what I usually play these past few months, next to guitar and piano.

At first, my only reason in learning to play musical instruments is to kill time and be resembling to my dad. But later on,

I realized that there is more to it than just being a hobby. It makes not only me, but also other people happy whenever I play in front of people. Seeing people smiling, enjoying and joining in the singing is one of the little fulfilling scenes I would remember in my life.

These three instruments had really made some days of my life worthwhile, and had been my main hobby for a couple of years now. It helps me be productive, and also hones my skills related to music. Whenever I am bored, I would always now know what to do- grab my guitar and try to play some mellifluous music.

Here’s a cajon cover of mine using Zayn Malik’s I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. Hope you enjoy!




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