‘Throw’ Back: Trash Bins in SSA


Support the environment and Anthonians’ convenience today.

In a school setting, it is normal to produce trash or garbage as everyone uses disposable materials, regardless if it is in the form of paper, plastic, and the likes. This is where trashiness come in the scenario, where we throw our trash to avoid the accumulation of waste in different places and to promote cleanliness inside the school campus.
In our institution’s status quo, trash bins are can only be found on designated areas around the campus. Our group had seen this as a struggle and inconvenience for the students, as most of them would need to spend unnecessary time and effort to walk outside their classrooms just to throw a little amount of trash. Furthermore, the maintenance staffed have difficulty in collecting it because the trash overflows in the container, even before the end of classes. In line to this situation, our group would like to solve this ongoing problem by giving out the proposal to have trash bins in each classroom in the School of Saint Anthony.

By signing this petition, you will largely help the Anthonian community in reducing their class interruptions and classroom waste, as well as the world’s campaign to properly segregate garbages.

For more information regarding this petition with a purpose, feel free to contact us at: https://teladipinta.wordpress.com/contact/
Thank you very much!