It Will Be A Great Day


I woke up one morning and said,
“It will be a great day.”
The sun will shine,
the sky will be clear,
the grass will sway to the music of the winds.
It will be a great day.

There’s no explanation on how people meet,
but we did.
We did.
I said “Hello.”
You said “Hey.”
It was really nothing special.
It will be a great day.

Do you see how much has changed?
We went from talking about the difference of French and Spanish
to when will our next favorite show air
We went from talking about our favorite songs by Adele
to talking about our nightmares
We went from talking about those movies
To those books
To those poetries
To those dreams
To our own inadequacies

We talked, and talked, and talked.
Our conversations started from small chitchats
Small, like atoms
Little, like children
But all of those were meaningful,
all of those were colorful.

Then those atoms collided,
those chitchats became stories.
We started at seven in the evening
to three in the morning
Just enough for us to get an hour worth of sleep before school starts.
The topics were random, the ideas were spontaneous.

It was funny,
because even though we hardly rested at all,
we still go to school to study and say,
“It will be a great day.”

But then the colors faded.
So fast, even I did not see it coming.
Maybe you found another person.
Or maybe I’ve given shorter time.
Maybe we ran out of similarities.
Or maybe we didn’t see the signs.
The signs,
that told us when to wait.
That told us when to go.
That told us when to stop.
Maybe it was not another person.
Maybe it was not about the time.
Maybe there were still similarities.
Maybe it does not have to do anything with the signs.
Or the colors.

Maybe it only has to do something with the two of us.
Just the two of us.
The two of us, who loved Adele,
who loved poetries
who loved books
who loved art
so much, that we didn’t see the two of us as a masterpiece.

Maybe it’s just not meant to be.
So when we see each other again,
don’t worry.
Because I’d still say “Hello.”
And you might still say “Hey.”
And we might even talk with each other again
And it will be another great day.
Maybe, without you, just not the same.

– Bernmina Tarnate


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