I saw spectra

Prose, Writings

I woke up, and I found myself in a dream.

In my dream, I looked up to see the skies were smiling down at me, and the sun was shining brightly against my face. I felt the heat against my skin, and I tried to smile back. However, I did not understand why raindrops were falling from the clouds. and when a drop touched my forehead, only to trickle down, tens of them followed. I looked down and saw a puddle of water at my feet, reflecting the scene.

But I didn’t see an identifiable image.

I saw an array of entities, a continuum of colors that formed by themselves, instead of myself.

I did not understand.

I considered myself as a lacuna, an empty space. I’m something you search for. The last time someone did was light years away.

But the universe saw something else. To the universe, I was a spectrum. I was something that gives more when almost nothing is given to it. It saw me as a spectrum, for I saw the spectra it beholds. I saw spectra, by being a spectrum.

– Bernmina Tarnate


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