Pulchritude = Beauty

Poems, Writings
Shattered Pieces:

I never fathom a single minute
that what we thought is infifnite will come to limit,
but what will I do, if someone like you
is the only face
I could ever find in a crowded place

It is always a misery to remember
I’m not sure if you realize my candor
that every time I see your face
It always reminds me of agony and haze

You convinced me that some angels are born without wings
You made me feel royal like the queens and kings,
But was it all a joke?
Was it fun to watch me choke?
I feel like aa single drop in the sea
does it feel good to abandon me?
When you felt the insignifance of us
Did you consider reminiscing as a must?

It’s not your fault that you’re not contented
It was mine that I adore you more than I intented
I kept trying to make it go away
And I resist it every single day
But how do you kill a feeling
that makes you feel like a living?
I wanted to finish this fighting.
I wanted to halt this hiding.
But how do I stop fixing the pieces
if everyday I miss the hugs and kisses?
Please tell me, I’m really lost in the sea.

I am the chaos to your thoughts and you are the poison to my heart.
You were  the whole story in my book, but for you I’m just a little part.
We saw the galaxies in each other’s eyes
but our love was destroyed by beautiful lies
and now we’ve come to an inevitable goodbye

-Paula R.


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