Adventure With My Companion:

Cold wake, warm bed, and a soundly wake up bark in the morning. It’s that time in a day, in a week wherein I get up, and walk the dog. Do some jogging, and little puppy training. But this time, we were going to travel somewhere else. A far away place where my Dog was born. It was a fun road trip, and little car sick. As we arrive at his birthplace, both of us were excited to meet the mom of my pup. As we see her, we tried to greet her, but she was kind of aggressive against my dog. So, I thought that I shouldn’t let Mars (my dog) get close.

Instead of having a doggy reunion, I decided to just enjoy my day with my companion and have the best of fun. Take care of your companions.

-Liam Guerrero

Narratives, Prose, Writings

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