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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved swimming. My mother once told me that in just a-couple-of-months old, they can already leave me alone in the pool because I’ve already learned to swim in such a young age. They would compare me to a mermaid since there’s not a week before that I would spend without visiting the pool.

Swimming had been my first sport, even though I haven’t joined in any formal competitions. I have learned many sports as I grow, but I would always find my way back to the cold waters. Sometimes when I’m troubled, I would pay a visit in the pool and let my problems be taken away by the waters. In those times, I would just let myself sink underwater and enjoy the silence for a while from the noise up in the surface.

Swimming pools had always been my sanctuary. Whenever I swim, the water would always make me feel calm and peaceful. Maybe other people are scared, but whenever I would see a pool, there would be a tickling excitement inside of me and I would later on found myself floating lazily for hours, just looking at the sky.

It’s quite saddening that I can now only pay a visit once in a while, but whenever I would swim, I would feel the same eagerness back when I was young. It’s been my dosage of happiness, and it never fails to life up my spirits each time I take a dive underwater.

The chlorine-scented place would always feel like a home to me, and I can’t wait to come back soon.

Tyra So


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