How Will You Grow In Love?

Poems, Writings

In the beginning there was Love
And Love made him
Yet he chose to seek a different kind of love
So love made her woven from his rib
Woven from his own
His love was sacrificial
But she doubted love
Her heart turned from the lover to the deceiver
So they were led astray from love

Which is why we’re all here afraid excited, desperate, satisfied, in love.
That keeps holding questions in our minds…
When is the right time? Who is the right person? Why does he love me? Why doesn’t he love me? And then this skepticism reaches to a point where you’ve just had enough of this confusion but still you ask yourself

Well, what do I get from loving?

Let’s say love is water and as it is poured on to a seed, it grows.

Heading to the standard of perfect love
The famous 1 Corinthians 13 says

But in this world you will never find that perfect one
He or she may be unkind, envious, ignorant, indolent, slothful–
There will be an aspect you will not love

But the point is no matter what seed with water, it grows.

No matter he or she breaks you, builds you, tears you, lifts you,
As long as you ponder love, practice love, you will grow.

Still there’s this other question with an answer we’ve always wondered
It’s “How much do you love me?”
She’ll say “Count the grains of sand”
He’ll say “I’ll take the moon and stars and give it to you”
But all of this will be incomparable
To what happened–

In the beginning, there was Love
and if you’d ask Love,

How much do you love me?
He’d say nothing but spread His arms wide

And die for you.


-Keziah Mortel

This was my very first original spoken word poetry piece.

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